Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At The Liverpool Old Orphanage And Newsham Park Hospital

Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At The Liverpool Old Orphanage And Newsham Park Hospital
City: Liverpool
Last visit: 29 Dec 2013
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Posted: 29 Dec 2013


Join Simply Ghost Nights for a ghost hunting event at Liverpool's Old Orphanage and Hospital for a ghost night and ghost hunt. With reports of poltergeist activity, and claims of items going missing and been found later, dark shadows have also been witnessed from within the bowels and confines of this 99,000 sq ft building area.

As we walked up the Victorian stairs to the front door of this former Orphanage for the children of lost sailors and merchants, you could indeed feel the sombreness and uneasiness as we entered the vast main building. We were informed that the children had lived a hard life whilst in the clutches of the matrons who ran the Orphanage with an iron fist.

The Orphanage is made up of several other buildings such as The Main Building, The Mortuary, The Nurses Accommodation, The School house, The Gym and The Chapel all for us to investigate for spirit communication. As we walked along the miles of creepy corridors leading to the hospital wards three of the Simply Ghost Nights team heard the humming of a female voice behind them, when they turned around there was nobody there.

On 30th January 1874 there was held an informal opening of the North wing of the orphanage. As well as the children who moved from the temporary orphanage in Duke Street the committee also looked after children on an outdoor relief basis. On September 30th 1874, the Orphanage was opened by HRH Duke Of Edinburgh

The First World War brought problems, and by 1918 one thousand orphans were being assisted. Royal appreciation of the work was shown from time to time by visits to Newsham Park, and following a visit by Queen Mary and the Princess Royal in 1921 the King bestowed upon the institution the title "Royal" and granted it a Royal Charter of Incorporation.

In 1946, preparations were made for a return to Newsham Park, but with the great expansion in the country's social service schemes, many surviving parents were understandably reluctant to place their children in the orphanage. This led to a gradual decline in the number of resident children. New laws prohibited children less than 11 years of age being educated at the same school as older children, and young children living in an institutional school.

The orphanage was closed on 27 July 1949 while continuing to maintaining the objectives of the founders in providing means for the education and maintenance of the children of deceased British merchant navy seamen.

In 1951 the Orphanage finally closed its door for the last time and became The Newsham Park hospital which it stayed until 1988 when it too finally closed it's doors, even now you can see the cubicles on the wards still with furniture in situ, the nurses offices with chairs and desks still in them.

Although the furniture remains which spirits and tormented souls still remain as well to tell their story of their time at The Royal Seaman's Orphanage

Participate in.

•Victorian Séances

•Table Tipping Experiments

•Ouija Boards

•Glass Divination

Use all the latest ghost hunting equipment such as K2 meters, Franks box,motion sensors, sound enhancers, infra red camera's, and much more as we search for ghostlycommunication from the other side.

Event date: 12/04/14