Female Fat Loss Plan **drop a dress size in the first month**

Female Fat Loss Plan **drop a dress size in the first month**
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Posted: 28 Mar 2014


Fat loss can be complicated for woman, especially when hormones come into the mix. Recognising certain behaviors e.g. poor sleep and where you store stubborn fat for example will give me a better understanding of your body and the best way to lose body fat,

I have created a fat loss plan specifically for females that will identify the following

-Hormonal imbalances

-Improve health

-Increased energy

-Lose fat from stubborn areas

Your nutrition plan will be split into 3 stages,

Stage 1 (First 4 weeks) – One ingredient foods only. Focus in on health and the endocrine system

Stage 2 – Slowly introduce foods back into your diet after the initial 4 weeks to make it a lifestyle change

Stage 3 – Time to get specific and use different protocols based on body type and goals.

The workouts will be designed to increase lean muscle and reduce body fat, which will include strength, conditioning, kettle bells and core workouts.

How I track your progress?

-Weekly weigh ins

-Monthly body composition assessment e.g. body fat

-Before/After Pictures

-Weekly diet analysis

For more details and prices for 121 and group training, please visit my website by searching Tom Wellman PT on Google, or contact me on the following

Facebook- Tom Wellman PT

Twitter- tom_wellman87


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